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Charleston Freight Limited in parpership with other services providers has developed a number of logistic platforms close to the port of Mombasa.


The transit logistic platforms are all fitted with resident customs officers, KBS and Kenya authorities, working with data transmission ERP systems that allow fast and swift clearance and release of the goods.


The logistic platforms have been developed to allow the goods to be shifted from the port as soon as the vessel arrives in Mombasa, usually organizing direct discharge on shunter trucks, container and conventional cargo handling and heavy lifting at the logistic platforms, short term storage allowing completion of transit documentation, prioritization of the goods to be dispatched to site(s), optimization of truck loads, safe and secure (certified) lashing, formation of convoys (when needed) with convoy commanders, and evacuation of the cargo to site.


It is at the appointed logistic platforms that a Tracking Terminal highlighting the GPS position of each truck will collect and transmit information to the global Cargo Monitoring Section of Freight Forwarders Kenya Limited.

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